An Opportunity to Reimagine Learning: Pandemic Catalyst (RSA)

In this RSA publication, working with editors Amy Moser and Zoë Camper, Julie Samuels is the lead author of Kinship, Belonging and The Challenges of Learning in a Non-Inclusive World. pp. 33-44 IN:  An Opportunity to Reimagine Learning: Pandemic Catalyst (RSA) 

Available: Online


Publication Date:  April 2021

About the publication

Divided into eight themes with accompanying material from authors and contributors representing five continents (including technologists, futurists, venture capitalists, influencers, educators, researchers, and students) the project set forth to bring together their different perspectives, visions, and life experiences. This publication is the beginning. We have embraced all perspectives. This is the starting line. We strive to build stronger bridges across the digital divide, foster greater discourse and discovery, and strengthen society as we emerge from a period of time where chaos and uncertainty took hold of the world. We are engaging in an incredible opportunity for something different to emerge, an extraordinary time to be proactive and affect change. Nothing we have to say here is truly new, but we aimed to offer considered perspectives and themes collected in one place as they may not have been presented before. Collectively, the pathways forward and the opportunity to build on them may prove to be what is new.




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