Special issue of "Creating Age-friendly Communities: Housing and Technology" - journal

For this special issue journal, Hannah Ramsden Marston and Julie Samuels wrote A Review of Age Friendly Virtual Assistive Technologies and their Effect on Daily Living for Carers and Dependent Adults. Healthcare (Basel). 2019 Mar; 7(1): 49.

Published: Online 2019 Mar 21. doi: 10.3390/healthcare7010049


Publication Date:  21 March 2019


Many barriers exist in the lives of older adult’s, including health, transport, housing, isolation, disability and access to technology. The appropriate integration of technology within age-friendly communities continues to offer possible solutions to these barriers and challenges. Older adults and disabled people continue to be affected and marginalized due to lack of access to the digital world. Working collaboratively with planners, policy makers and developers, social and living spaces in the future will ensure that residents are equipped to live in an era that continues to be led by, and is dependent upon, access to technology. This review paper uniquely draws together the small volume of literature from the fields of gerontology, gerontechnology, human computer interaction (HCI), and disability. This paper examines the national and international age-friendly frameworks regarding older adults who are carers of dependent people with disabilities.



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